Private cooking classes

Chef Jess at home cooking classes encourages comfort and creativity in the perfect learning environment. Today’s modern mantra of fast life and fast food has pulled us all away from the heart of the home, which is the kitchen.  Allow Chef’s passion for home cooking to take you on a culinary journey through your kitchen ending in delicious food and essential life skills.

  These classes are designed for:

  • Single bachelors and bachelorettes

  • Quality Family Time

  • Girl’s Night In

  • Date Night

Winter Classes


Spaghetti and Meatballs - a family workshop 

Pizza Night!

Soulful Sundays - customizable comfort food menu

Chicken Soup is Good for the Soul - classic chicken noodle soup for beginners

“Date Night” - surf and turf for two 

Hearty Chili 3 Ways!

Game Day foods!  - for the fellas and the women who cook for them